About DRY

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Founded in 1995 by Mandy Mayes (back then we were called ‘Brother Storm’), Dry is a London based creative agency made up of a close-knit team of hard-working individuals.

With our ideas led approach it helps us to craft visually exciting and relevant solutions for every job. With a strong emphasis on detail we create beautiful, original, seductive work which really communicates with your target audience.

Why Dry?

— we have the creativity to bring strategy to life
— we can provide support in all areas; campaign, online and print
— we have over 15 years experience in fashion and retail

Our team of multi-disciplinary creative thinkers understand what triggers connections to brands in this new age and can build effective solutions that tell your story.

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For new business enquiries contact Liz on 0203 487 1290 or email us at [email protected]

Dry Studio

Sadly Mandy passed away in June 2010 after a long running battle with cancer. Mandy was unique, a force of nature, and we will always remember her with a smile.

Mandy Mayes